Please be Here Now

Dwelling #1: The Body

72 hours in the shop window of Nørgaard paa Strøget

Dwelling #2: Encounters

69 hours in a glass house at Roskilde Festival

Dwelling #3: Seclusion

72 hours in the Hermits Hut in Søndermarken

PLEASE BE HERE NOW is a series of laboratory-pieces by and with Nana Francisca Schottländer. The pieces consist of exposed inhabitations or dwellings in selected places and spaces, that become settings for exploring relevant themes of our human existence. The inhabitations are live, embodied discourses of different aspects of our way of being in the world, and they draw on both psychology, sociology, philosophy and poetry. The dwellings are not concluded pieces but rather framed processes of investigation; symbioses between staging, performance-research and participatory experience. Each dwelling-piece is accompanied by elements of virtual exposure and the pieces, along with the material generated throughout their manifestation, form basic research in performative situations and in what it means to be a human being with with other human beings…